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Friends of Via is an established 501(c)(3) located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania with a board of seven members. We function as the fiscal agent for The Via Foundation in Prague, Czech Republic and support an annual fund raising campaign that solicits donors from around the world.

Friends of Via supports The Via Foundation in "Building the Future, One Community at a Time."

2015 Challenge Grant for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage
This year, the Czech Heritage Society has received a grant for gifts received during the current campaign. If the Czech Heritage Society reaches its fundraising goal of $47,000, we will receive a grant of $24,000 to add to cultural heritage support.

A Different Take on Place - Live Grants
VIA helps Czechs who are spearheading community projects that improve their town squares, village commons and other open spaces. Click HERE for more information.

Building parks and playgrounds in support of community revitalization projects

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